Street Photography

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Old streets. How I love and never get tired of them!


Sweetheart Tree

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Ever since the trees started to shift colors, walking to school has become such a fun activity. Every time I walk by this tree, my heart always skips a beat out of excitement, as I always get so stunned by the beauty of it. It’s literally glowing, like a flower in the desert, like the brightest sun in a wide galaxy! By the way, here’s the song of the day! Hope you will all have a great day!

Golden Hues

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Dearest friends! Isn’t it crazy how quickly time goes? It’s already the middle of the fall, and all the trees have amazingly shifted from emerald green to golden hues. It all looks incredible, like a fairytale landscape!

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Every day, I’ve been taking lots of walks across the entire city, and seeing these beautiful autumn landscapes makes me feel so calm and happy.

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This time, I took a stroll with my mother by the lake at Lund’s University. It was sunny that day, making all the golden leaves sparkle even more!

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Have a wonderful Monday, and don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful nature!


(Photography by my mother)

Things That Changed My Life This Week


A Movie

The new Netflix-movie that everyone was hyping about earlier this month? Yes, I’m talking about “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”, which was so sweet and relatable that it actually inspired me to be more open about everything else in my life. My brother and I watched it together, and it resulted in many laughters over the awkward scenes (We laughed the most when the sweet hero, Lara Jean, fell of the roof and just kept on biking away as if she hadn’t fell over three meters.). This is definitely worth watching if you just wan’t to forget your worries for a moment and dream away.

Two Books

“Ecoenkelt” (Eco Easy) is a book based on the Swedish blog with the same name. It brings up important environmental issues and how we as individuals can affect it by doing changes in our lifestyles. The writer speaks about everything, from capsule wardrobes to ecological milks. A book every person should read once in the lifetime.

“The Things You Can See Only when You Slow Down” by Haemin Sunim. Have you guys ever felt lost or empty once in your lives? This book is definitely going to make you feel better and more beautiful inside. After I read this book today, I felt less sad and more motivated to make the best out of my life.

Three persons in my everyday life

My mom. This week, my mother started to talk to me about my future. Every day, she gave me many important “girl to girl” advices, which made me more prone to take some more responsibilities in my life.

One of my best girlfriends. When I was sad and had no one else to talk to, she was always there, listening to my stories with great patience, both at school and over the phone.

A person at school. This person changed my life the most and has made a huge impact on my everyday life.

A quick lunch tip

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Every time I don’t feel like spending a humongous time on cooking, a classic bowl of rice with egg topping is my go to-lunch. It’s simple and delicious. The egg topping varies from simple boiled eggs to a complicated multiple ingredients omelette. It depends on what I feel for. Today, I made fluffy scrambled eggs. Add some drops of fish sauce before you scramble them and you will have a heavenly meal. Afterwards, you can add other interesting toppings, such as chopped cucumbers, salty rousong or yesterday’s leftover chicken. The choice is yours!

Dear Reader, do you have any go to-lunch? Feel free to share!

Home Sweet Home


I got home at midnight and am really exhausted today, but it feels so great to be home again. The orchids were in full bloom and our garden awaited us with it’s fruits. My grandmother, my aunt and her husband walked us to the airport yesterday and it was a heartfelt moment, as I hugged my grandmother and we both tried to not burst into tears. And before that, I had already cried (silent and secretly) on our way to the airport, after having to hug my niece goodbye and see her cry for not wanting me to leave, which was the most heartbreaking moment in my life. Isn’t it just bad when the rest of your family lives on the other side of the earth? I’m already missing everyone a lot…