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Summer travel: Vietnam in 50 days


Tomorrow, I will be heading to Vietnam for 53 days exactly. It’s been years since I last visited my grandmother and my cousins and I am feeling so happy to see them again. Just thinking about this trip makes me feel really excited.

For funny updates, stay tuned and feel free to comment if you have amazing ideas on wonderful things to do in Vietnam!

Have a lovely summer!

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Rose garden


Charming pink: You’re a lovely and loyal human being, who will always be surrounded by friends as loyal as you are, thanks to your warm heart and beautiful smile. One can always have thoughtful and unforgettable conversations with you, and your open mind will always make you friends for life wherever you go.

Your song: Making Love Out Of Nothing At All – Air Supply 


Soft pink: You are a peaceful dreamer. Instead of running wildly in the rain, you will happily stop and dance in it. Instead of taking a swim in the ocean, you will stand by the beach, observing the sunset and let your thoughts wander along with the waves. Your romantic personality inspires other people to explore their creativity.

Your song: Laughter in the rain – Neil Sedaka


Snow White: Sensible, innocent, shy and unselfish. You don’t often show your feelings, but deep inside, your emotions are your strongest traits. Every kind creature will easily fall in love with your humble graciousness. You never leave anyone behind for your own purpose. Instead, you often try to help your friends, without asking for anything in return. Your kindness makes it impossible for people to hate you, no matter how different your opinions are.

Your song: Close to you – Carpenters


Dramatic Scarlet: You are an artist, a poet, a creator. As soon as you enter the stage, the audience is all yours, already taken by your glowing energy.

Your song: Million roses – Alla Pugacheva

Which rose are you?

(Photography by Kathleen(me))

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City Walks

Our semester ended today, and as I walked down the streets that I must have walked a million times, I suddenly realized that I had taken their beauty for granted.

There were a thousands of roses decorating the colorful houses.

And there were old and romantic homes.

I’m in love with this city!

(Photography by me)


Things I Want To Do This Summer


My mind has finally started to go on vacation, while I am still at school, trying not to daydream and escape reality. While counting down the days, here are things I wish and hope to do this summer:

  • Read at least 10 books.
  • Practice yoga and tai chi.
  • Go to the beach.
  • Visit old towns.
  • Visit my relatives.
  • Develop my cooking skills.
  • Study.
  • Look for cheap school stationary.
  • And then the most important thing: Relax!

What are you guys doing this summer?

(Photography by Kathleen (me))


Romantic and Unforgettable Soundtracks


I love old movie soundtracks, and here are some of the best works by my favorite componists, Francis Lai and Henri Mancini. They were both romantic and inspiring who wrote beautiful music. You will probably recognise them!

Francis Lai:

“Where do I begin?”

“Snow Frolic”

“13 Jours En France”

Henry Mancini:

“Anywhere the heart goes”

“Moon River”

“Theme from Sunflower”


(Photo by Kathleen (me))